Application case of wie mesh belt shot blasting machine used inautomobile motor electric spray system
Application case of wie mesh belt shot blasting machine used inautomobile motor electric spray system

Main purchase model:

1.Wie mesh belt shot blasting machine: MND-1030P11-4, QTY:1 Set;

Application Range:

Used in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, special steel hardware fittings, vehicle parts, brake pads, valve fittings, mechanical parts and other precision castings, especially for cleaning only one surface of the shot blasting.

Main features:

1.Shot blasting chamber body is made of steel precision welding; the body with double wear-resistant manganese steel shield fastened by high wear-resistant nuts; Easy to repair and maintenance, greatly improving the maintenance. Machine body ensure 20 years use life.

2.All motors of the machine are driven by direct transmission, and the safety and maintenance performance are greatly improved. All necessary labels on the machine are posted at distinct positions.

3.There are three layers sealing structure installed at the top, to prevent leakage in the shot from the top in the blasting process.

4.Adopting Mayflay precision casting high performance shot blaster which is equipped with semi-automatic flow control valve to adjust the shot flow.

5.The recovery steel shot adopts spiral pusher + elevator+ air separator, the bottom is equipped with photo electricity induction system to monitor and alarm the pellet recovery system which is stable and reliable.

6.Dust collecting system uses wet dust collector,fire safety, without any spare parts, use cost low, dust emissions is less than 50mg/m3.

7.Electrical system adopts Siemens system, and human-machine interface usies 10 inches color touch control panel, 3D animation guidance prompt, powerful function.

8.All necessary labels on the machine are posted at distinct positions, such as safety tips, maintenance tips, operation standard, equipment status, customer service engineer card and service record sheet, etc.

9.All maintenance access doors are equipped with safety detection devices. In case of emergency, press the safety control device immediately and gradually discharge problems according to the fault point.

10.The machinery and electricity of the whole equipment are designed and manufactured in accordance with European standard CE standard. Each mechanism and the electrical part are interrelated to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

Main Parameters:

1.Wire mesh shot blasting machine, Model: MND-1030P11-4 Main parameters

Max. Size of entrance: W*H 1000*300mm

Max. Workpieces size:W*H 1000*300mm

Max. weight:200kg

Configuration contains

1 set of shot chamber.2 sets of screw conveyor systems.1 set of elevator system.1 set separator system.1 set maintenance platform.4 sets of steel shot flow semi-automatic control system.4 sets CNC processing blast wheel.1 set dust collecting system. 1 set of mesh belt conveyor system. 1 set dust pipe. 1 set electric system .1 set equipment user’s manual (including e-version)

Part drawing of electric injection system of automobile motor treated by mesh belt through shot blasting machine

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