Automatic Sand Blasting Room MSA502530-280L1-2 Is Used For Steel Industry
Automatic Sand Blasting Room MSA502530-280L1-2 Is Used For Steel Industry

Main Purchase Machine Model:

1.Automatic Sandblasting Booth: MSA502530-280L1-2,QTY.:1 Set;

Application Range:

It is applied to sand blast steel, ship accessories, sheet metal machining parts etc.

The Machine Main Features:

1. The equipment layout is compact and the floor space is small;

2. 4mm rubber is protected inside the blasting chamber, which has both protection and excellent sound reduction and noise reduction. The door of the chamber body adopts a double lip sealing structure with low noise and good sealing performance;

3. Using manual integrated button operation control, Zhengtai low-voltage electrical components, equipment and equipment are related to each other, safe and reliable;

4. Use 280L blasting pressure pipe system to ensure that the sand flow during the blasting process is sufficient, and no sand breakage occurs;

5. Using the screw pusher + hoist recovery system, the blasted pellets are automatically recovered after being dropped into the auger by the slope;

6. The total installed power is only about 31.2kw, which is more energy efficient;

7. Using secondary filtration technology, the dust emission is less than 80mg/m3;

8. Advanced noise reduction design, the noise is lower than 85dba;

9. With 8 sets of 600 lumens lighting, it can be controlled independently, easy to observe sandblasting.

Technology Data:

1.Automatic Sandblasting Booth: MSA502530-280L1-2 main technology data

Sand Blasting Room Size: L*W*H5000*2500*3000mm

Sand Blasting Part size:Less than sand blasting room size

Part max. weight:5000kg

Configuration contains

1 set sand blasting chamber,1 sets 280l high pressure sandblasting pot,1 set spiral pusher system,1 set elevator system,1 set separator system, 1 set dust collector system,1 set equipment manual, 1 set track system.

Automatic Sand Blasting Booth Sand Blasting The Parts

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